helping students setting realistic goals, preparing them for a prosperous future.


I do believe, that you as a teacher, tutor or professor are

doing a great job - every single day.

But there’s things that only people actively working in the industry can teach your students in the ever changing new

and digitally sophisticated environment we‘re living in.


- Prof. Alexander R. Lenk

all Workshops & Lectures are

available in English & German


innovation. dedication. motivation.


Preparing students for the careers of tomorrow means teaching them how to teach themselves,

and getting them ready to adapt to an ever-changing world.

How will you make sure your students are future ready?

We will help you provide your students with the knowledge they need to master tomorrow's jobs,

teaching them the right business skills, innovative data-driven thinking, and financial security.

Also we provide practical ways to help students prepare to be successful in future careers by engaging their current aspirations.

We will help you incorporate creative problem solving, entrepreneurial projects, and practical activities into your classroom.


Personal finance is complicated.

If you're astudent or a young professional trying to plan for your future, this workshop will get you started on the right path to managing your finances.

Beginning with the importance of personal finance, you'll learn how to build your short, medium and long term financial goals as well as avoiding making wrong decisions with long lasting consequences.


Choosing the right career, finding your profession and deciding whether or not you should consider higher education, most of the times is not easy at all.

We will guide you through your process of decision-making, equipping you with the right application-, career-, and education-tools (e.g. Apps, Platforms, MOOC's) that will help you making the right decision and help you stand out.

You're driving your future or are you driven by it? Take responsibility now!


Digital transformation (DX) is the transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, and it's everywhere!

The best part: understanding the 5 dimensions of DX can help you easily adding value to literally any product!


Living in the millennial age, more and more new business are going to start out as being startups and/or digital platform-based business models.

No matter how many business books you read, nothing can prepare you for building a company

from the ground up.

From finding the right investor to getting used to the fact that you're "always on," we will tell you what we've learned along the way.


We teach you how to be

innovative, dedicated & always motivated

All participants who have completed one of our workshops will receive an official certificate

that you will be able to add to your CV and/or your online talent profile.

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